Health Care Fraud

Our team has extensive experience in Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark Law, False Claims Act, and Controlled Substances Act investigations and civil and criminal litigation. Our recent clients include one of the first pharmaceutical executives to face criminal charges as part of the Government’s crackdown on the so-called opioid epidemic. Our clients include health care providers, executives of medical device manufacturers and diagnostics companies, and employees of the sales, finance, and market access organizations at major pharmaceutical companies.

Financial Crimes and Securities Fraud

We represent individuals and corporations accused of financial crimes, such as bank fraud, insider trading, misrepresentation of financial products, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”). Our clients have included hedge fund managers accused of running Ponzi-type schemes, individual stock traders, and major banks under investigation by banking regulators. We have had particular success representing defendants involved in multiple parallel proceedings by criminal prosecutors, federal and state securities regulators, and civil plaintiffs.

Construction and Procurement Fraud

Or team has represented individuals and corporations in some of the most notable construction and procurement fraud cases in the nation. We represent large multinational construction companies and suppliers in criminal and civil investigations concerning allegations of government contracting fraud and government set-aside programs, such as disadvantaged business enterprise (“DBE”) fraud. We represent unions and union officials in public corruption investigations, and companies accused of defrauding union benefit funds.

Title IX and University Disciplinary Matters

We are often retained to represent students and professors accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and academic misconduct matters (such as plagiarism and cheating) at colleges and universities throughout the country. We are acutely aware that disciplinary sanctions may have long-lasting repercussions for students, and are dedicated to minimizing these collateral consequences.

Unique among defense attorneys, we also represent survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault. We are trained in trauma-informed victim interview techniques, and approach each matter with sensitivity and respect.

Federal and State Criminal Defense

Our attorneys represent criminal defendants in a wide variety of state and federal matters, including individuals charged with drug offenses, murder, sexual assault, wire and mail fraud, RICO, and other serious crimes. Attorney Tracy Miner maintains an active caseload of federal court appointments as a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel. Our attorneys routinely take cases to trial, including three trials in federal district court since October 2018.

Our team is routinely sought out for matters that generate significant media interest and we are known for vigorously defending individuals in the public spotlight.

Tax Fraud and Benefits Fraud

Our team has represented a number of small business owners and individuals charged with tax or benefits offenses, including individuals and business accused of paying employees under the table to evade taxes, to avoid minimum wage laws, or to assist employees seeking to retain public benefits for which they do not qualify. We have also advised individuals and companies seeking to proactively correct previous tax evasion, wage violation, pension frauds, or other conduct.

Scientific Research Misconduct

Our team has had extraordinary success representing academic and scientific researchers, including professors, principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students, accused of committing research misconduct. We have been successful in obtaining acquittals of research misconduct charges at major research universities and teaching hospitals. We aggressively defend researchers, and when necessary, have filed litigation to ensure that research misconduct investigations are conducted pursuant to federal regulations.

Criminal and Civil Appeals

Our attorneys also maintain an active criminal and civil appellate practice in federal and state courts of appeals, including recent appeals concerning sentencing guidelines calculations, criminal forfeiture orders, and the federal regulations governing scientific research misconduct investigations. We have a track record of thinking outside the box to craft arguments that are both creative and practical, both on appeal from our own matters and in matters we have joined at the appellate stage.

Civil Litigation

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in civil actions, with a proven track record of success. We take a creative, practical approach to addressing our client’s problems in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Where possible, we will work towards an amicable resolution that maximizes our client’s return. When a settlement is not feasible, we also have the experience necessary to take the case to trial.

Internal Investigations and Compliance Advice

We are often retained by corporate clients to conduct internal investigations of complex factual and legal issues and to recommend practical business solutions to comply with applicable statutes and regulations.