health care fraud Matters

United States v. Gurry. The firm represents the former Vice President of Managed Markets at Insys Therapeutics, who was charged with RICO conspiracy for his role in seeking prior authorizations for an FDA-approved fentanyl spray.   

Representation of Employees in Co-Pay Anti-Kickback Investigation. Our firm represents multiple employees of two pharmaceutical companies in an ongoing anti-kickback investigation into donations made to several co-pay patient assistance charities.  

Anti-kickback Investigation Concerning Electronic Health Records. Our attorneys represented numerous employees of a pathology services company under investigation for alleged kickbacks in the form of donations for the purchase of EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Records or Electronic Medical Records) software.  We successfully persuaded the Department of Justice to forego a civil lawsuit against an individual employed in the sales division of the company. 

Representation of officer of medical device manufacturer in kickback investigation. We currently represent the President and Chief Financial Officer of a medical device manufacturer in parallel criminal and civil investigations of violations of the anti-kickback statute.