Financial Crimes and Securities Fraud matters

College Admissions Scandal. We currently represent several defendants in a wide-ranging investigation and prosecution concerning bribes allegedly paid to college coaches facilitate the admission of students to elite universities as purported athletic recruits.

United States v. Murakami. Our attorneys successfully persuaded the government to recommend a sentence below the Federal Sentencing Guidelines range on behalf of the manager of a hedge fund who plead guilty to wire fraud in a Ponzi scheme case. Our attorneys also resolved enforcement actions initiated by state and federal securities regulators without additional financial penalties for our client.

Representation of client accused of insider trading based on information obtained from law firm associate spouse. Our attorneys represented a researcher at MIT accused of trading stocks based on inside information he obtained from his spouse, an associate at a large international law firm.

Representation of the manager of a financial advisory firm. After an investigation by both federal criminal authorities and the SEC for alleged unauthorized use of client funds, our client was not charged with any crimes.